The Importance of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

During my college period, one of my favorite course is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, which can be an acronym as BCDR. The lecturer at that time is Mr. Drajad Wiryawan ( Thanks to him, I’ve learned a lot and gained insights about what BCDR are and to implement in this information systems and technology era globalization nowadays. Well, in this writings of mine, I’d like to summarize about what is BCDR and the importance of BCDR itself from my perspectives.

Business Continuity or known as Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a methodology used to create and validate a plan for maintaining continuous business operations before, during, and after disasters and disruptive events. BCP has to do with managing the operational elements that allow a business to function normally to generate revenues. For example, some companies cannot tolerate any downtime. These include financial institutions, credit card processing companies and perhaps some high volume online retailers.

in a nutshell, Business Continuity Planning is about Prevention, not Curation.

Disaster Recovery (DR) is part of business continuity and deals with the immediate impact of an event. Disaster recovery involves stopping the effects of the disaster as quickly as possible and addressing the immediate aftermath. For example, shutting down systems that have been breached, evaluating which systems were impacted by a flood or earthquake, and determining the best way to proceed.

on contrary, Disaster Recovery is about Curation, not Prevention.

so the bottom line of the importance of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is about being able to deal with incidents when they occur and taking actions that mitigate loss (or greater loss) during such events.


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