Move On and Let Go

Don’t Read it thoroughly unless You’re Ready to

Six Letters, Two Words, Easy to Say, Hard to Explain, Harder to Do: MOVE ON

You have to Move On.

Moving on and getting over someone is one of the hardest things you have to do in life. Especially if it’s with someone you saw your future with. So you have to move on the right way. Get your closure from them and tell them everything you ever wanted to tell them, how much you love them, how much you hate them, etc. So you will have no regrets or what ifs. Then tell them goodbye forever. If they let you leave without a fight for you, then they’re not worth it anyways. It’s going to hurt like hell. Allow yourself to be sad. To be angry.  But you have to wake up every day and continue your life without them. It’s always easier said than done. So just let time heal your wounds. This is a time for you to heal. To take care of your heart. One day you will wake up and you won’t miss them anymore.

 I Broke My Own Heart Loving You

You have to Let Go

The Saddest end to a relationship is one where you have to break up with somebody when you’re still in love with them. It sounds bizarre but it happens, because the truth is, as powerful and as thrilling and as wonderful as it may be, love isn’t always enough and to be in love doesn’t always mean you’re happy. You can continue to love someone even after they’ve hurt you, but you know deep inside yourself that it won’t ever be the same again, so, at some point, you have to let them go. When is the right time? You never know. That’s the sad part, too. You just have to walk to the edge of it all and jump, learning to grow back the wings you once had on the way down.


Deep and Meaningful Songs Lyrics from POTATO (Thai Band)

Leaving Me in the Middle of the Road

How nice it was that we got to travel together until today for so long

It’s because I’m still not good enough, I can’t do what you ask

When you’re going to go, I understand, when you’ve found someone so much better, there’s no need to wait

You did the right thing, choosing him and leaving me in the middle of the road

When you met the wonderful person your heart has dreamed of

Let go of my hand, it’s correct, however much it’ll break my heart

I’ll force my heart to let you walk away from me when I know that you have someone leading you to your destination

The reality that I fear, I’m afraid of not having you, I’ve feared it for so long until today

Just the words “I love you” weren’t enough and can’t hold you back

Do You Still?

I’m still the man who loves you wholeheartedly

I still can only think of you constantly

I still look at our pictures of when we were close every day

I’m still waiting for you to come back

I still cross off each day on the calendar

Because one word stood in our way and kept us apart

I can only think and then wonder

I have no idea how you’re doing over there

I’ll send over this song to ask you

I want to know what’s going on

Do you still think of me every single minute?

Do you still recall yesterday’s memories?

Are you still faithful to only me?

Still waiting for only me?

You’re still the same person as before, right?

Please let me know

I’m afraid someone is going to change you

I’m afraid of so many uncertain things

I’m afraid of regret

You can wait for me, right?

Do you still think of me all the time?

Do you still look at our old photographs?

Are you still faithful to only me?

Still waiting for only me?

You still love me like you did before, right?

Please let me know

The True Love I Couldn’t Take Care of

Your love…the voice that tells me you’re worried

Your hand that touches my forehead the days I’m sick

Every scene, every episode never fades however long ago they occurred

and every scene, every episode keep on emphasizing the thing that I’ve become since I lost you

That I’m an idiot, more than anyone else, having true love, but I couldn’t take care of it

I realize its value, but it’s too late, hurt, however much I thought of reversing the story, I can only dream

I put back together the old picture that was once torn apart

But will our paths cross again? or should I accept it?

Because every scene, every episode, never fades however long ago they occurred

and every scene, every episode keep on emphasizing the thing thatI’ve become since I lost you

“I will always be there for you when you need me,


will you be there for me if I need you”